Society 1056 - 2023-09-08
By Jessica Lochrie

Tiny, ‘Miyawaki forests’ are popping up all over Melbourne.

The global phenomenon, named after Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, supports the ecosystem by restoring biodiversity and habitat of highly urbanised landscapes. Inspired by natural forests, the Miyawaki method plants a variety of native species closely together to maximise density and create balance. As densely planted saplings compete for sunlight, they shoot upwards instead of sideways almost 10 times faster than conventional urban planting.

The Miyawaki method allows forests in urban or rural settings to thrive, fast-tracking ecological succession and biodiversity in a short time – a process that generally takes 200 years to establish.

Integrated into the urban design, tiny forests, and high canopy shadeways will feature across the landscape of Society 1056 contributing to more than 5,000 new trees planted throughout the neighbourhood.

“By establishing Miyawaki forests, we are creating a site that is more responsive to climate change. Generally, a better ecosystem with stronger diversity in native flora and fauna. Not only that, tree canopy and afforestation provide enhanced benefits from shade and natural cooling. Residents of Society 1056 will see temperatures up to 7 degrees cooler in the peak of summer meaning less air conditioning, lower household costs and a more comfortable indoor and outdoor environment”, James Saunders, Senior Development Manager at YourLand Developments.

“Miyawaki planting supports many of our environmental initiatives, specifically our pollination corridor that aims to increase populations of native bees and other native pollinating insects”, he says.

As a leading placemaker, YourLand is committed to setting a new benchmark in sustainable residential development. Dean Gold, Chief Operating Officer at YourLand emphasises the holistic approach to sustainability. “Our legacy extends far beyond simply selling blocks of land. We prioritise and implement both environmental and social sustainability in our communities. Our design will significantly reduce the urban heat island effect, providing a cooler neighbourhood that is more energy efficient, safe and comfortable to live in,” he says.

“We encourage a mindful approach to life. The Society 1056 design fosters an environment where children attend school together, play together, and families socialise together. Residents can actively engage in local sporting clubs and community-based activities, nurturing a sense of connection. The walkability and pro-social spaces promote healthier lifestyles, and interaction, making it a truly exceptional and fulfilling place to call home,”.

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